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Come and experience a wonderful and fun family day out in a beautiful part of south west Scotland. Galloway Alpacas is located in the stunning heart of Galloway, a UNESCO designated 'Biosphere', and offers Alpaca walking and 'meet and greets' for all ages and members of your family.

- Why not book a special occasion for a loved one?
- Bring your children to meet our wonderful boys
- Cheer yourself up and take our alpacas for a walk

Come and experience first hand these incredibly special and calming animals from the Andes and take in the unrivalled views across our beautiful countryside and the sea. You won't be disappointed. Our mission is to bring a smile to your face and for you all to have long lasting memories of this unique experience.

Meet & Greet

Come and visit the A-Team! Meet our lovely boys close up, listen to the history and how to care for our team. Hand feed and touch them, take as many photographs as you like and enjoy a picnic in a truly stunning location in the Galloway Hills.

Adults £15.00
Children 4 - 11 £7.00

Morning Private Trek

Want to pop the question to a loved one or give a special birthday treat in a private setting? Get in touch with us if you wish us to help organize any other parts of this special moment.

From £75

Afternoon Mixed Group Walk

Come and walk in one of the most unspoilt areas of Scotland. You will start to relax and move at the same pace as our herd. Enjoy their company as you get to know and understand them and their behaviour whilst relaxing outdoors with friends and family. At the end of the walk, enjoy refreshments in our Alpaca Shack and take photographs of the stunning scenery.

Prices start at £30

Half Day Private Hill Walk

Do you feel like doing something out of the ordinary? Come and walk with us in a Unesco Biosphere and up to the highest point of our hills at 1499ft tall. The views are truly spectacular over the sea towards England, Ireland and the Isle of Man? Come and join us for an unforgettable experience.

Prices start at £150

Weddings & Events

Our alpacas are keen to join you on any events or special occasions you might be having. They could make your wedding that much more of a memorable day, or perhaps add a little something different to a corporate event being held.

We are available to visit schools or hospitals, your scout or guide group or pretty much any other gathering that might need a special twist. Please contact us if you wish to organise your own tailored event.

Prices from £160

Therapy & Wellbeing

Much has been written about the calming and passive nature of this very special member of the camelid family. We have been fortunate enough to witness their interaction and behaviour first hand both in the Andes and now here in Scotland. Research clearly demonstrates that animal assisted therapy positively affects the mental health and well being of those that have suffered distress, anxiousness or depression. The novelty factor of seeing these rare and unique animals coupled with being able to touch, feed and walk with them allows for the beholder to enter into a new journey which is both safe and gives a 'positive attachment'.

We have already had many visitors to our home, especially children, who have struggled in their social lives, their schools or with certain life events. The change in those children after interaction with our alpacas has been both remarkable and heart warming. We are keen to work with any private family, school, psychologists to explore this further and be of support in any way possible. If we can bring a smile to your face or your loved ones, then our project would have fulfilled its ultimate intention....


Did you know - alpaca fun facts

  • Alpacas originate from South American Andes - Peru, Chile and the Andean people domesticated them around 6000 years ago.
  • They are the smallest of the camel family at 3 feet high and 4 - 7 feet long.
  • They were bred for the royal family in the Americas for their beautiful fleece.
  • 99% still live in South America. There are around 45,000 in the UK and were imported here in 1990s
  • Their fleece is second only to mohair in strength, is incredibly soft is as prized as cashmere and does not retain water.
  • There are 22 recognised colours from blue/black, tan, brown, beige to various whites.
  • They are a herd animal and cannot live alone and are very good guardians against predators.
  • They are very gentle, calm, sociable and curious animals.
  • They have no top teeth but a hard gum this makes them look a little 'goofy'!
  • They do not tend to spit at humans but only at each other when feeling threatened.
  • They all use the same place for a toilet and it can look very funny when they are 'waiting in line' to go!
  • A male is called a 'macho' , female a 'hembra' and baby a 'cria'
  • They breed once a year and live on average 20 years.

Meet The Team

  • Alpaca Trekking in Scotland - This alpaca is Amaru


    I am the boss of the team. I think I am a prime trekker and I sort out all disputes between others in the group. I have a lovely, quiet nature, I am great with both kids and adults and I'm used as a therapy alpaca. I often need my top knot trimmed! I can trek for hours and will be good on hill climbs which I love. I like to eat from your hand and you can recognise me with my green headcollar.

  • Alpaca Trekking in Scotland - This alpaca is Alexander


    I am the youngest of the group and Nanook is my dad. I am inquisitive and like to know what is going on around me. I'm gentle and I love chatting - I'll chat all the way round a trek!! I'm fairly new to trekking and I like to be at or near the back of my team.

  • Alpaca Trekking in Scotland - This alpaca is Chaz


    I am the cheeky chappie of the whole group and I will always be the last one to be caught if going out for a trek - I love to run Debbie ragged trying to chase me!! I don't mind being the leader and I like to walk at a good pace. My breed is more of a miniature alpaca breed so I'm a bit smaller than the others but I don't mind. - I'm very curious like Alexander. I love to eat from your hand.

  • Alpaca Trekking in Scotland - This alpaca is Brownlee


    I'm an excellent trekker (even Debbie and the others tell me that), but I much prefer to be at the back of the group. I'm very calm, reserved and gentle, but like Chaz and Alex I'm also very curious. I always watch everything going on around me and will be the one to see anything suspicious or dangerous and I can warn the others. I will eat from your hand. I used to wear a green collar but Debbie now says that I look better in blue.

  • Alpaca Trekking in Scotland - This alpaca is Shah


    I'm second-in-command after Amaru. Debbie tells me I am a beautiful alpaca - she must be right as I have won multiple championship competitions. I always look very regal - like a king which some people see as rather condascending, but I don't mean it like that! I love both adults and children and I'm also used as one of the therapy alpacas which I love doing. I wear a purple headcollar.

  • Alpaca Trekking in Scotland - This alpaca is Cusi


    I'm a great trekker, but I'm very strong so I usually only trek with adults. I am strong, but I'm also gentle and inquisitive and I like to be bossy towards the others. I will eat from your hand and I wear the green headcollar.

  • Alpaca Trekking in Scotland - This alpaca is Coco


    I love people and love cuddles!! I'm used for therapy and also in kids games and for general petting. I love it when I get invited to children's parties or other fun celebrations! I LOVE my food - my eyes are sometimes much bigger than my stomach - actually Debbie thinks I'm quite a pig!!

  • Alpaca Trekking in Scotland - This alpaca is Nanook


    I have very sensitive skin and I need cream to be put on my ears every month. I also need suntan cream in the sunny weather - luckily this is Scotland so we don't need to use too much! I am broad, big and strong and I wear a green headcollar.

  • Alpaca Trekking in Scotland - This alpaca is Tex


    I am a good trekker and like to be in the middle of the group. I can be a bit nervous and skittish and sometimes cry like a baby when you put the headcollar on me! I like to think I am the boss and can provoke the others causing arguments which is good fun! I will kick so keep your eye on me! I talk a lot on treks and don't really want to eat from your hand. I wear a purple headcollar.

  • Alpaca Trekking in Scotland - This alpaca is Nicko


    I am funny, gentle, but also curious. I also talk a lot! I'm a good strong trekker and like to be in the middle of the group. I might spit at you to see your funny reaction, so be careful of me!!